Friends is timeless

Sup nerds, How you doin’?

I thought it was only appropriate to start off this blog post with Joey Tribbiani’s most iconic line of all time. If you haven’t guessed already, this is a friends TV show appreciation post. Literally nothing makes me feel happier quicker than an episode of friends, because it is truly the most feel good program of all time.
My sister asked me the other day, what was the big deal about Friends. But that is just it. Friends isn’t a big deal. There is no extravagant story line, no crazy emotional roller-coaster and that’s what makes it so good. You sit down, put your feet up and turn on friends because you know that it will make you laugh.

Friends was first released in 1994. That’s five years before I was even born, yet I still relate so much to the characters. I think it goes to show, that no matter how much new technology that is created, and modern changes in society that takes place- people and friendships will always remain the same. Friendships will always consist of teasing, fights and disagreements. It will also always consist of support, love and loyalty. I don’t think the level of sarcasm in humanity has changed in the past few years either (thankfully).

The show also consists of so many different personalities. It’s easy to relate to at least one or more characters in the show! I relate to Joey’s ditziness, Chandlers sarcasm and Monica’s quirks! The character’s themselves are timeless because even though the show ended around this time, 15 years ago, people still reference and acknowledge the characters as if it was a modern show still releasing episodes.

Growing up, I’ve probably watched Friends several times but I’m still not bored of it. I still cringe at Ross’s failures, adore Joey’s silliness and ship Chandler and Monica. And here I am, rewatching the entire season!

I can ensure you that I will probably write many more posts about Friends and certain episodes so brace yourself.

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