My Favourite Game of Throne’s moments

Game of Throne’s has aired it’s last ever episode and our watch has come to an end.

I’m going to be real with you, I’m sitting here with an empty feeling in my chest. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m devastated that the show has ended, or because I’m mad at how it ended. Personally, I think that Game of Thrones was one of the best shows I’ve ever experience and one of the worst finales I have ever seen. I’m not going to spoil the ending on anybody, but I cannot wait until George R.R Martin releases book 6 because I need to fill this unsatisfied feeling I have after watching that. The characters deserved better, the actors deserved better and we deserved better.

So anyway, to put it bluntly it was definitely not the best season. It didn’t all entirely make sense and some of the characters really pissed us off. Plot holes and unanswered questions lingered not giving us the sense of fulfillment. Not that it was all bad, there were certain moments that were enjoyable, but all in all I kind of want to forget about the majority of it.

And what better way to forget about Season 8, as to reminisce some of my favourite Game of Thrones moment’s. The moments that Game of Throne’s was famous for. They were able to create an overwhelming feeling of admiration for characters. They could break your heart with a snap of their fingers. They were responsible for some of the most bad-ass scenes in television history, as well as some of the most traumatic. They made us laugh, cry and hide behind our fingers, from not being able to cope with what was happening on our screens.

It was a difficult task, but I was able to pick out ten moments that I found powerful, moving heartbreaking, humouring or just absolutely shocking! Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!!

10) Tyrion slapping Joffrey.

I don’t think anyone realised how much we would appreciate this moment. Joffrey wasn’t a nice person in episode 2, but that is nothing compared to how cruel he becomes in the show. It was nice to re-watch this scene of Tyrion slapping the “little prince” whenever he really angered me. This scene also defined the kind of person Tyrion was. He was smart, but he wasn’t disrespectful or cruel. He knew what was right. He also knew how much of a little jerk Joffrey was.

9) Oberyn being killed by the mountain.

Watching this scene breaks my heart. Oberyn was one of my favourite characters, and he was so close to winning. I was convinced he had one, and once I took a breath of relief- well he was dead. The scene itself was also absolutely brutal, and I shiver to even think about it. The moment the Mountain gauged at his eyes, I hit my face, unable to watch. This scene shows the brutality that Game of Thrones was not scared to show.

8) Tormund and the Hound… Bonding?

Tormund and The Hound are two of Game of Throne’s funniest characters, and two of my favourite. And their interaction together was as humorous as expected. Tormund’s forward social skills the Hounds anti-social personality worked perfectly together to give us this gem of a moment. Tormund finds the grouchy, miserable Hound and automatically decides that he wants to be pals. He’s also the first character he doesn’t just peg the hound as mean, but understands that he has been through an enormous amount of shit. “I don’t think you’re truly mean… you have sad eyes.”

7) Jeffrey’s death

This scene made me smile. A proper way to kill of a villain that tormented the show for seasons. Compare this to deaths of the villians in season 8, and you can truly see the downfall of the story writing.

6) Walk of Shame

Game of Throne’s not only had a talent for creating incredible villians, but for creating moments where you truly felt sorry for them despite what they have done beforehand. This is one of those moments. Cersei’s Walk of Shame was one of the most famous Game of Throne’s scenes to ever exist. And no wonder why, it was awful, heartbreaking and mortifying.

5) Jon Snow’s death

This was an incredible and shocking finale, something that Game of Throne’s never achieved in season 8. It was completely unexpected and heartbreaking! Jon’s face when he saw Olly, a boy who he loved. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Jon was stabbed in the heart, ad I didn’t know what to expect for season 6. It was one of the most brilliant cliffhangers in television history!

4) The Red Wedding

No words. Still to this day I mourn for Robb. The entire moment was unexpected and ruthless. It showed us how Game of Throne’s had no problem cutting ties with their characters. I cried my eyes out after this episode aired, and sometimes still wish that Robb survived. The acting was absolutely brilliant and this was certainly when Game of Thrones was at its prime.

3) Winter came for House Frey

In case you never knew, I love Arya Stark. This was actually two incredible Arya moments put together, two scene’s in which she ended an entire house and its generation. The words she spoke sent shivers down my spine as they really spoke for the character, and how she has developed. Her revenge was merciless and absolutely terrific. ” Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.” This quote will forever be my favourite of the entire series.

2) Jon and Sansa Reunited

I find it difficult to describe how I feel during this scene. No matter how many times I watch it, I still cry. The first reunion between Starks and it was beautiful. Sansa finally felt safe, and Jon finally saw a member of his family again. The look on Sansa and Jon’s faces when they see each other makes me tear up. For so long I was excited for Jon and Arya’s reunion, but after watching their reunion in season 8, it still did not even compare to this one.

1) Daenary’s takes command of the Unsullied

The most powerful scene I’ve ever experienced in TV history. Before they destroyed Daenary’s character, she was both strong and smart. This scene is where she truly showed the level of power she held, and gave me hope in her character. The pride I felt for her after listening to her speech was remarkable. I will always remember Daenary’s as the woman in this scene, not the person she becomes after season 7. She was truly one of the most powerful female character to ever exist.

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